Fast Asleep will help you customise any product to achieve the level of unlimited comfort that you’re looking for.


1.  Bring Us Your Idea

2. Decide on your measurements

3. Select your comfort

4. Decide on your favourite fabric

5. Manufacturing starts

Your final product is ready

Start your customization process now

Custom foam cushions are the ideal solution for upholstery, camping pads and patio seats. Weather you need the perfect cushion for a boat seat, a cushion for a vehicle, new cushions to restore an old sofa or chair, or a custom cushion cut to size using your template, Fast Asleep is happy to accommodate you.

This perfect travelling partner is with custom cut from high density foam and is made to fit your bakkie like a glove – providing much needed comfort and protection while enhancing your lifestyle on family getaways. Take it with on trips to the coast, outdoor adventures, or even when taking your four legged friend for an outing. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

Why lose out on a good night’s sleep when outdoors? Fast Asleep offers true comfort to ensure a restful holiday. Our caravan mattresses are manufactured according to the shape and size of your caravan bed. Choose from our various high quality foams to create your outdoor dream bed

Fast Asleep offers the perfect partner solution where one mattress is constructed to offer custom comfort for each person on each side. We can combine the feels of any of our mattresses (or even create new comfort as needed) to create a seamless bed. This unique feature might be the key to drifting off to sleep together instead of drifting apart.

Our customised foam products can be made up in just about any shape and size using memory, latex or polyurethane foam.