Build A Bed

Fast Asleep offers the perfect partner solution where one mattress is constructed to offer custom comfort for each person on each side. We can combine the feels of any of our mattresses (or even create new comfort as needed) to create a seamless bed. This unique feature might be the key to drifting off to sleep together instead of drifting apart.

We offer expert advice through each process from choosing your comfort layers, styles, design elements and as well as the base that suits your needs. From various colors, feels and densities to choose from there’s no limitations in building your very own one in a million perfect bed.

You choose what goes in and on your custom made mattress. Rest assured that what you want is indeed what you’ll get.

At Fast Asleep we understand that your bed is a very personal, important and vital house purchase. It can sometimes be a difficult challenge to find exactly what your looking for in terms of feel, comfort, design and personal requirements. We are willing to go that mile assisting along the way to achieving that perfect night’s sleep. In doing so we decided that what you sleep on should be up to you because only you know what really hits the spot.

Our build your bed program allows you to personalise and customize it all to suite your individual requirements and needs. You choose it all. Building your own comfi bed and evening retreat can be fun, also rewarding you with better sleep so you wake up revitalized, with more energy and fewer aches and pains. Whatever your budget or taste, take your time and build it one layer at a time.